Digital Matrix

Founded in 1982, Digital Matrix has grown from a small company, building Electroforming/Electroplating equipment for the Laser Disc Industry, leading into the Optical Disc industry (CD+DVD), advancing through the years into building Holographic equipment, MEMS Systems, Flat Panel Systems, Back Light Panels and many more. As we grew, so did our size of Electroformed/Electroplated parts. We can plate from 2” to 80” (2 meter x 2 meter) shims, and plate metals from Copper, Copper Alloys, Nickel, Nickel Cobalt, and more. Our experienced industrial engineers lay claim to some of the most innovative equipment, and have set a precedent for others to follow. We manufacture and design what we sell. Every system can be customized to the specifications required by our customers.

Industries we are involved in:

The forever growing list of industries that we serve are:

– Diffusers
– Sensors
– Holography
– Bio-Tech
– Optical Disc
– Circuit Boards
– Semiconductors
– Back Light Panels
– Flat Panel Displays
– Refractive Reflectors
– MEMS & Nano (LIGA)
– Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED)

Digital Matrix has over 140 customers and installations in over 25 countries. Our sales and technical staff are placed strategically around the world and are experienced in many industries. Our Process Engineers have advanced plating experience and education to implement the newest of technologies available to today’s customers. Our 13 offices around the world help to give the support and service required in an industry that is forever progressing. Our R&D department, located in New York, has been used by many of the Fortune 500 companies around the world to help advance new technologies.

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