DMC4-PLT-RM1 Remote Control

– Precision Current or Voltage Mode Regulation
– Multi Stage Programmable Ramping
– Precise Amp-Minute Control
– Amp-Minute Totalizer
– Environmentally Sealed Enclosure
– High Impact Plastic Molded Case
– Network Interface, Supervisory Control
– Remote RS485 Operation for Long Distances
– User Defined Alarm Relay Output

– Temperature Control (RTD Input, Dry Contact Output)
– pH Control (2 x Dosing Outputs)
– Additional Relay Control Outputs

Input Power                                  24 VDC
Analog Interface                           0-5VDC, 0-10 VDC, 4-20 ma
Digital Interface                            1-RS-485, 1-RS-232, 1-LAN
Relay Outputs                              6
No Of User Programs                  10
No of Stages                                9
Ramp Time Resolution                1 sec.
Amp-Minute Resolution               0.001 Amp-Min.
Dimensions                                  9.180 x 5.250 x 2.363 in.
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